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New Release

Mary Munson

Author & Educator

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Chapter Book for ​ice cream loving ​kids.

Ages 8-10

Now Available on ​Amazon and ​Barnes & ​

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Something About Mary

Introducing Mary: A Passionate Writer and Teacher with a Heart for Early ​Childhood Development

Mary grew up in Connecticut and the Adirondack Mountains of New York State. ​Mary began writing stories in elementary school. She went on to study English and ​Early Childhood Education and has been a preschool special education teacher for ​25 years. She has always advocated for early literacy and is a firm believer in ​laughter, learning, and love!

Her passion for writing and teaching has led her to craft delightful stories that ​integrate early childhood concepts in math, science, and social-emotional learning.

Mary also served as the Nutritional Science Liaison for her school's farm-to-​table program, where she created "Friday Try-Days" to teach students about the ​benefits of healthy eating.

Mary's debut picture book, LOVE WILL TURN YOU AROUND (Gnome Road ​Publishing, 2023), is an excellent example of her skillful blend of writing and teaching ​early childhood concepts to young children.

THE BOOK: Love Will Turn You Around

Voted Number One in Children's Math Fiction on Amazon

"An inspiring story about identity and processing emotions all while ​exploring various shapes. Children will relate to Heart who wakes up ​one morning feeling all wrong. Heart’s friends recognize that he is not ​himself and they include him in their fun, but no matter what Heart ​does, he doesn’t seem to fit quite right. Finally, Heart realizes his true ​identity—to feel and express love. In the end, Heart takes what he’s ​learned and helps another friend who is feeling lost."

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  • Foundational math, Shapes and properties
  • Primary and Secondary Colors
  • Social-Emotional Development
  • Problem-solving
  • Friendship and Teamwork

How it All ​Began

Not Mary

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The 2023 Valentiny Contest WINNERS!!!

March 8, 2023

I want to tell you a story.

Once upon a time, long, long ago in February 2020 when we didn’t even know the pandemic was mere weeks away, a writer entered the 5th Annual Valentiny Writing Contest.

The prompt that year was curiosity.

She wrote a lovely story called The Upside-Down Heart.

It was nicely written, creative, kid-friendly – in short, the judges really liked it!


(you knew there was a but coming, right?)

…alas and alack, she did not make the finals because her story did not feel curious enough, and that was the point the stories were supposed to be getting across.

Now, I know you’re feeling sad for this poor writer who tried so hard and wrote a wonderful story that didn’t make the cut. We all know that heartache too well. But…

(I hope you felt that another but was coming because you know I like to tell stories with happy endings 😊)

wipe your tears, my pretties, because this is what became of that story! ❤️😊😊😊😊😊❤️


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Here is an exciting opportunity to help children identify and express their emotions. Children as young as 2 ​years old know when they are happy, sad or angry. When children can identify their own feelings and express ​them to adults the adults can help children cope, understand and regulate their emotions.

This is a tremendously important skill in life for all humans!

The double-sided Heart plushie can help even the youngest and nonverbal child show how they feel.

It also comfort a child through those emotions as a huggable reliable friend.


Have a cozy corner in your classroom? A great ​resource to add to your

calm down space!

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How to Order Heart Plushies


Velvety Soft, High Quality, ​Individually Wrapped Double Sided ​Plushie

Sized: 13" x 14"

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To Make Your Own

Love Bundle,

The Book is available here:

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  • Read Across America
  • Guest Author, February 2023


  • Juneteenth -June 2023
  • Granby Public Library - July 12th
  • Next Chapter Bookstore -July 20th
  • East Granby Public Library - Aug. 23
  • Deep River Library - Aug. 12
  • Children’s Museum West Htfd-Sept. 24
  • Laurel Literary Academy-March 5, 2024

A Lovely School Visit

What Makes You Twinkle?

"And just like that, LOVE ​turned everything around..."

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