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Mary Munson, MA, MS. Teacher/Writer

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My name is Mary and I teach preschool children with special needs. Most recently, I have become the Magnet School Nutritional Science Liaison for our school. This has brought many new opportunities to introduce young children to gardening and to proper nutritional habits.

“The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil.”

-Rachel Carson

Not sure what to read and when? Check out my podcast and other useful early childhood tips…

There are so many books out there!  How do you know if the one you've chosen is a good one to read to your child?  Join teacher Mary Munson for information about what to look for in a book and get a list of books that she recommends for young children.Visit Wintonbury's webpage for a printout of Mrs. Munson's book list and links.
  1. Choosing a Good Read Aloud Book
  2. Helping Your Child Meet Your Expectations: Transitions
  3. Preschool Speech and Language Development
  4. CPS for Parents Part 3: Solving Problems with Plan B
  5. CPS for Parents Part 2: Identifying Unsolved Problems

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