Mary’s debut picture book is currently available for pre-order. Publication will be in March of 2023, by:

 Gnome Road Publishing

Pre-Orders at:

Hi, my name is Mary Munson. I am a special education teacher and the author of an upcoming picture book; LOVE WILL TURN YOU AROUND. With this book, I want to spread LOVE around the world. The book is the story of Heart, who wakes up one day and everything is wrong. His “shape friends” help him realize what is good in his life. By feeling their love, he is able to “turn things around.”

This message of “look for the good” is one I want to help spread. We have had so much tradgedy in our world. I want people to remember there is good out there. Starting with young children, I want to encourage people to find their joy, help others find their joy, and bring back love.

Having been a teacher through the pandemic, I saw many passionate teachers struggle with depression and anxiety and eventually leave the profession. My teenage daughter and her friends continue to struggle also with these issues. The pandemic took a toll on people, and we still feel its effects. We need to find the good and the joy again as a society. Life can be beautiful and magical; we need to “turn things around.”

I want to raise money to distribute this book free with heart-shaped plushies to underserved school districts and homeless shelters. The plushies will have a happy face on one side and a sad face on the other, so children can literally ‘turn it around” and choose joy.

I will reach as many children as I can afford with this. It’s a small step, but all great things start with one step!

I appreciate your consideration.


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