Storystorm 2021 Registration is OPEN!

Read, Set, think!

Writing for Kids (While Raising Them)

Every year when Storystorm rolls around, I like to pick a theme for this registration post.

This year’s theme will come as no surprise…


And that’s all I have to say about that.

Welcome to STORYSTORM 2021!

Four years ago I changed the name and month of my annual writing challenge, from Picture Book Idea Month (PiBoIdMo) to STORYSTORM. Why? Answer’s here.

Although this challenge begun as a picture book writer’s event, any writer interested in brainstorming new story ideas in January is invited to join the STORYSTORM challenge of 30 ideas in 31 days. Any genre, any style; student, amateur, hobbyist, aspiring author or seasoned professional.

How does STORYSTORM work? It’s simple…

  • Register.
  • Read the daily posts on this blog, beginning January 1st.
  • Write down one (or more) story idea daily.
  • At the end of January if you have at least 30 new…

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Virgin Blog Post

Hi everyone, so here I am posting a blog post..let’s see how this goes…

So I entered this super fun contest on Twitter.
It was put on by: Lydia Lukidis and Kaitly Leann Sanchex
, who are amazingly generous contributors to the kidlit community.

I chose to write about this beautiful picture:

(And help solve the world’s problem ( I try to be as efficient as possible :))

Caroline’s Got This

Caroline knew the time had come.  She waited for the perfect October day.  Fascinating her cape and grabbing her book of spells she searched the woods for the most magical spot. She set her pot by the river and began her magical potion.

A grip, a glop a pinch and a plop.

Web of spider, dung of beetle and dust of moth. 

Stirring and stirring and stirring the broth.

Wicked eyes that peer in the night and creepy crawlers out of sight.

A spec, a splice and 3 sprinkles of nice.

Stirring and stirring and stirring the broth.

With all the power from my toes to my nose, BE GONE!

Goodbye masks!

Goodbye six-feet!

All family and friends,

Will once again meet!


Her cure spread far and near. The world began to heal. Caroline packed up her magic pot and headed back home.  She took off her hat and her cape and packed her wand…hoping not to need it again.

I did it my first BLOG Post! Now what…